SRP has provided a reliable supply of water to metropolitan Phoenix for more than a century.

In addition to developing new water supplies, SRP has capitalized on technology and research to stretch existing resources and encouraged conservation practices that protect this vital resource.

But our work is never done. SRP continues that work today — a constant drive to ensure water reliability for the next 100 years. Here’s how we’re doing it.



Conservation remains one of the most effective ways to reduce water consumption across the Phoenix metro area.

SRP has engaged in a multitude of conservation efforts, including lining canals and enhancing water delivery systems to minimize water loss by seepage.

Meanwhile, we support a host of educational programs meant to increase efficient water use. This includes our annual Water Conservation Expo and partnerships with the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense® and Water-Use It Wisely programs. SRP also collaborates with other water agencies.



As the competition for water increases with Arizona’s growth, the need for collaboration will continue to grow.

SRP actively works with stakeholders throughout Arizona to address concerns about water supplies.

We’re also pursuing unique agreements to increase the Valley’s water supply. A recent agreement with the Gila River Indian Community is designed to make several million acre-feet of water supplies available to water users in central Arizona.


Just as it has on the power side of SRP’s business, technology will play a significant role in managing and creating new water supplies and extending existing supplies further.

SRP has partnered with EPA WaterSense to promote more efficient appliances in homes and businesses. And we’re evaluating the use of technologies, such as GateKeeper, to automate control of the canals as water moves through our system.

New technologies such as desalinization of ocean water are also being explored.